Fern Shapiro

M.A., M.F.T.




Comfortably understanding your Self

Individual, Couples, Marital & Family Therapist on Philadelphia's Main Line

Fern Shapiro provides a home-based psychotherapeutic practice, integrating conventional and alternative treatment modalities.  Her work is rooted in guiding her clients toward awareness and access to the meaning inherent in his/her emotional and circumstantial lives.  The inspiration for this approach manifests in the merging of a personal and professional life journey that has guided her for more than 30 years.  Linking formal training with spiritual disciplines allows clients to derive personal meaning by clarifying and easing challenging “stuck” places.  Clients are invited into a process of learning, interpreting and comfortably understanding how exposure to the healing process  can improve and settle one’s sense of self and place in life.

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